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How invasive is invasive?

Sensi Spa Chemical Peels

Naturally, we are cautious when it comes to more radical facial treatments such as chemical peels or micro needling.

We might be willing to go to great lengths in order to achieve the desired results, but it is natural to want to research options, results & recommendations. After all, knowledge is power.

If you’ve already tried various options with little or no results, it may be time to consider a chemical peel & microdermabrasion. The process can vary from light peels to deep peels, depending on the results you are aiming for.
At SenSi Spa we call it your skin journey. It is not a quick fix or a once off session. We take various aspects into consideration, before recommending the first or next step. Compared to normal facials, the results are simply amazing.

Generally, there are two options when it comes to peels: AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids) & BHA’s (Beta hydroxy acids). Each one contains different chemicals, ranging from light peels, to medium peels & deep peels.
The difference involves the number of layers of your skin the chemical peel will penetrate as well as the severity of the peeling you might see.


Here’s a very basic diagram that might help you understand the different layers & steps of chemical peels:


Sensi Spa

Face Facts

Sensi Spa Facials

We’ve established the origins of massage & that it goes hand in hand with health. Let’s continue on this journey & explore the wonders & importance of facials.

Facials can be traced back to around the 1500’s to 1600’s. Those days the paleness of a lady’s skin was seen as a symbol of wealth & power. Women made use of all kinds of active & natural ingredients to maintain & improve the quality of their skin. Some drastic measures were taken back then, which included the use of harmful & poisonous ingredients. Queen Elizabeth started the trendy process of whitening the skin by using Ceruse, a poisonous mixture of white lead & vinegar. Throughout the centuries there were some drastic, dangerous facial procedures used. The discovery of radium lead to a number of cosmetic companies including it in their products ingredients. People also used freckle- proof capes and carbon monoxide treatments to freeze off freckles. Thanks to research & knowledge, facials have evolved, been refined, retuned & turned & almost perfected to an art.

SenSi Spa offers facials that will cater for all types of skins. From hydration, anti-ageing, treating blemishes, sensitive or problematic skin. The list is extensive & these days facials are safe & poison free. While there is a relaxing element to the more luxurious facials, it can also sometimes involve an element of discomfort. The essence of a facial is to deep clean impurities & resurface a fresh, plump, glowing skin.

Book a skin analysis with one of our professional therapists. They will be able to answer all your questions & recommended the correct treatment.

First impressions last. Make it count.

  • Awaken your Senses at Sensi Spa
  • Awaken your Senses at Sensi Spa
  • Awaken your Senses at Sensi Spa
  • Awaken your Senses at Sensi Spa
  • Awaken your Senses at Sensi Spa
  • Awaken your Senses at Sensi Spa

About Sensi

Our revamped spa has many a client leaving, feeling blissful & relaxed. We continue to strive for excellence and to offer clients from all walks of life, an indulging journey into their senses, taking care of body, mind and soul. We offer combined experience and knowledge of over 20 years from every niche in the industry including reflexology and medical aesthetics. Our experienced team of therapists manage a venue offering rooms that can accommodate up to 14 people at a time plus a nail salon which can accommodate up to 2 people at a time.

What do we offer

We offer a wide range of treatments from head to toe. We have offers available suitable for individuals, couples, large groups, brides, kids, moms to be, men as well as babies. We also offer workshops on various beauty & self-care themes.

Our Liposculpt treatments and courses assists with weight loss & healthy lifestyle choices. For relaxation you can choose from our range of massages or packages that allows you to tailor make your perfect spa experience. Facials, chemical peels and micro needling assists with the enhancement of your natural beauty.

Hands and feet are taken care of with our signature manicures and pedicures, targeting hard skin, callus treatments and softening paraffin wax indulgence as well as nail art. To flash those lashes, perfect brows or just some de-fluffing our professional waxes will cater to your every need.

What can you expect from our blogs

Informative entertainment which will leave you wanting more and booking a visit. We want you to embark on a journey with us, discovering the importance of ‘me time’ and taking care of yourself. Sensi Spa… a luxurious necessity.

Streamline your curves/ A different journey to successful slimming!

Liposculpt Benefits

Slimming is a bit of an uncertain topic, which I think we all have had more failures than success with. We follow strict regimes and impossible diets and that only discourages us.

At Sensi Spa we can help you to change that, with the detox and slimming treatments we offer. Health and being healthy is a lifestyle choice. Stop seeing it as a chore and start associating it with positive thoughts & results.

Liposculpt allows us to offer you one of many solutions in targeting those stubborn areas. Liposculpt’s detox and slimming treatment is most efficient when done in ten sessions, one session per week. Your journey starts by understanding your lifestyle, your choices and implementing a system that works with you. The treatments include - amongst others - your measurements being taken, massaging, body wrapping (which results in your body getting rid of toxins), etc., all in order to assist in sculpting and molding those stubborn areas. Self-discipline & will power is also necessary in conjunction with external detox. Following a healthy diet & making healthy lifestyle choices will accelerate your results.

I have learned a few tips that seem to be relatively easy to slot into your daily diets:
  • Smoothies are awesome but apparently blending bananas, turns them into a weight increase monster. Simply eating it on its own, is the healthiest choice.
  • High caffeine intake can cause cellulite. Using coffee in scrubs or creams, can actually help break cellulite down.
  • Some interesting food combo tips which can assist in losing weight: apple with peanut butter; cinnamon in coffee; yoghurt with dark chocolate; eggs and bell pepper & green tea with mint and lemon.

A healthy lifestyle combined with 10 detox & slimming treatments at Sensi Spa will change your body & mind in a positive way.