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Sensi Spa Facials

We’ve established the origins of massage & that it goes hand in hand with health. Let’s continue on this journey & explore the wonders & importance of facials.

Facials can be traced back to around the 1500’s to 1600’s. Those days the paleness of a lady’s skin was seen as a symbol of wealth & power. Women made use of all kinds of active & natural ingredients to maintain & improve the quality of their skin. Some drastic measures were taken back then, which included the use of harmful & poisonous ingredients. Queen Elizabeth started the trendy process of whitening the skin by using Ceruse, a poisonous mixture of white lead & vinegar. Throughout the centuries there were some drastic, dangerous facial procedures used. The discovery of radium lead to a number of cosmetic companies including it in their products ingredients. People also used freckle- proof capes and carbon monoxide treatments to freeze off freckles. Thanks to research & knowledge, facials have evolved, been refined, retuned & turned & almost perfected to an art.

SenSi Spa offers facials that will cater for all types of skins. From hydration, anti-ageing, treating blemishes, sensitive or problematic skin. The list is extensive & these days facials are safe & poison free. While there is a relaxing element to the more luxurious facials, it can also sometimes involve an element of discomfort. The essence of a facial is to deep clean impurities & resurface a fresh, plump, glowing skin.

Book a skin analysis with one of our professional therapists. They will be able to answer all your questions & recommended the correct treatment.

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