Premium Beverage List

Find a large variety of premium alcoholic beverages from across the globe, to satisfy any palate.

Glenfiddich 12 yrs R50

Scottish Single Malt (Speyside)
Carefully matured in the finest American bourbon and Spanish sherry oak casks for at least 12 years. Married and mellowed in oak marrying tuns for complete harmony of aroma and flavour.

Glenfiddich 15 yrs R75

Scottish Single Malt (Speyside)
Aged in European, American, and New American oak to carefully release the virgin cask flavours, the whisky is then mellowed in our unique Solera vat before being married in Portuguese oak tuns.

Glenfiddich 18 yrs R165

Scottish Single Malt (Speyside)
Every batch is individually numbered and carefully watched over. Each has extraordinary consistency and character from an intense marrying period, and a warming, distinguished finish.

Glenlivet Founder’s MarkR50

Scottish Single Malt (Speyside)
It's classic Glenlivet, with a creamy and fruity character bolstered by the use of first-fill American oak to mature some of the whisky.

Glenlivet 18 yrsR134

Scottish Single Malt (Speyside)
The aroma offers a rich introduction of toffee, and a creaminess often likened to crême brûlée. With a medium body, the palate offers notes of sweet orange peel and vanilla, with undertones of burnt caramel. The finish is pleasantly long with a nice oakiness and winter spices. The 18 Year Old has won more awards than any other expression.


Traditional Irish Whisky blended with the finest grain and malt whiskeys. It has a smooth, sweet taste and lovely malty finish.

Nikka Black Pure MaltR125

This blended malt from Nikka is a combination of single malts from the company's two single malt distilleries; the fruity elegance of Miyagikyo with the smokier notes of Yoichi. The result is an aromatic balance of fruit and refined peat.

Johnny Walker BlackR40

Scottish Blended (Lowlands)
One of the best selling-whiskies in the world, from the best-selling family of Scotch blends. The Black Label is a 12yo, known to incorporate some peated malts into the blend for a smoky profile.

Johnny Walker PlatinumR135

Scottish Blended (Lowlands).
Sweet rich and deep notes with maraschino cherries, toffee caramel, vanilla, baked rhubarb crumble and a very thin whiff of smoke.

Johnny Walker BlueR290

Scottish Blended (Lowlands)
First launched in 1992, Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a blend of old-aged malt and grain whiskies. Created using a selection of rare casks from Speyside and Highland distilleries – including Cardhu, Clynelish, Benrinnes, and several Islay malts.

Maker’s MarkR35

Bourbon (Kentucky)
Maker's Mark is unusual in that the mash bill contains no rye, instead red winter wheat is used, along with corn and malted barley.

Glen Grant Majors ReserveR50

Scotland Single Malt.
The entry-level expression in the core Glen Grant range, this light and easy drinking, affordable single malt does not carry an age-statement. Soft, slightly drying with delicate apple, oak and a drop of citrus.

Hennessy VSR60

French Cognac (Cognac).
Hennessy VS ("Very Special") is created from a blend of around 40 eaux-de-vie and matured in new oak barrels. The brand was originally founded by Irish immigrant Richard Hennessy, and is now owned by French luxury goods company LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet-Hennessy).

Hennessy VSOPR90

French Cognac (Cognac).
Made from a selection of the finest eaux-de-vie, including some that were carefully matured in the cellars of the Château de Cognac. Naturally aged for at least four and a half years.

Remy MartinR85

French Cognac (Cognac).
Made from a blend of 200 eaux-de-vie, 55% Grande Champagne and 45% Petite Champagne, aged in French Limousin oak barrels for 4 to 20 years.

Courvoisier VSR70

French Cognac (Cognac).
Courvoisier VS Cognac is a blend of several crus aged between three and seven years, composed principally of Fins Bois with a balancing hand of Petite Champagne.

Martell VSR45

French Cognac (Cognac).
Remarkably smooth and fruity, Martell VS is perfect to be enjoyed in cocktails. Distilled from clear wines, this cognac offers a richer aromatic experience.

KWV 12 yrs R50

South Africa - Western Cape.
KWV 12 Barrel Select represents artful blending by the KWV Brandy Master to deliver a perfect marriage of aged Potstills, the product of years of careful crafting. Revolutionising perceptions of brandy, KWV 12 is a notable addition to the world-renowned KWV Brandy family. This golden liquid conjures dried fruit, honey and oak flavours to deliver a well-balanced brandy with a long, lingering after-taste. Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

KWV 15 yrs R109

South Africa - Western Cape.
Matured for no less than 15 years in French oak barrels, KWV 15 tells the true story of time revealing character, and is the product of our master brandy maker’s patience and dedication to the art of fine brandy making. Not many 15 year blends can match the alluring amber hue and elegant notes delivered by KWV 15. Take time to savour this complex brandy, which is also considered the “best brandy in the world”!

KWV ImoyaR83

South Africa - Western Cape.
Imoya is conceived in the rich earth of Africa. Life is breathed into it by the rain. Fire defines it. A blend of pure double pot distilled brandy, Imoya is matured in selected small French oak barrels for different ages up to 20 years.

Van Ryn’s 15 Year OldR139

This proud potstill is a reflection of the meticulous attention to quality paid by founder Jan van Ryn, who set the benchmark for excellence in South African brandies. It shows an intensity of fruit characters with a twist of citrus and a delectable trace of chocolate. Rich in colour and flavour, its honeyed-citrus aromas unfurl to reveal a full palate laced with sweet oak spices. A creamy texture ends in a lingering but satisfyingly clean finish.

Bisquit VSR45

This cognac is defined by its softness and freshness, revealing a bouquet of fruity aromas (pear and plum) with deeper notes of vanilla and cinnamon.

Bisquit VSOPR65

Appreciated for the subtle interplay of aromas ranging from a core of ripe fruits (dry apricot, honey) and sweet spices (cinnamon, clove) underlined with floral nuances.

Tangueray GinR35

Perfect balance of four botanicals - juniper, coriander, angelica and liquorice - providing classic base for cocktails. Distinctive flavours best enjoyed with tonic, plenty of ice and a wedge of lime.

KWV Cruxland Craft GinR42

The indigenous inhabitants of the Kalahari tell of secret treasures in the sand; sent down in crackling bursts of power from the skies. With knowledge passed down from generation to generation, the nomadic people of the desert would look to the heavens, watching thunderclouds and setting out when lightning striked, searching for delicate, x-shaped cracks in the arid earth. As it happens, these “treasures” are n’abbas; rare Kalahari desert truffles that burst from the ground when rain and autumn moisture cause them to swell. Rare even in their natural soil, these delicacies grow far apart and are hard to find without the help of a skilled n’abbas hunter.

Musgrave Pink Craft GinR45

Musgrave pink gin is distilled with musgrave's signature 11 botanicals, continuing to celebrate distinct top notes of cardamom, african ginger and grains of paradise. These heights are then tamed slightly with a dash of perfume and a splash of romance.

Six Dogs Blue Craft GinR54

Sitting on the fringe of the karoo, it is almost guaranteed that six dogs is going to have some of the most locally-flavoured gin around. Their karoo gin features karoo thorn flower and wild lavender as well as a medley of citrus including limes, clemengold and lemon buchu, along with cassia, chamomile and angelica. Their blue offering is a fun infusion of the blue pea flower that turns pink when mixed with good tonic.

Autograph Craft GinR40

The style it signifies is african dry. The distinctive scent of juniper berries combined with refreshing citrus flavours underpin this superb african dry gin. Base notes of angelica root, overtones of fragrant coriander and hints of delicious artemisia afra, give this gin unique strength and unparalleled depth and warmth.

Inverroche Amber Craft GinR35

Inverroche gin amber is a rich and aromatic, amber coloured gin with fresh citrus, slight juniper, sweet toffee apples and delicate floral notes which intertwine to deliver a dry, woody finish.

Inverroche Classic Craft GinR35

Inverroche gin classic is crispy and dry with upfront green, grassy juniper notes which blend seamlessly with a bouquet of soft flowers on the nose. Redolent of summer citrus, rose petals and assertive florals, delivering a clean, dry and spicy finish.

Inverroche Verdant Craft GinR35

Inverroche gin verdant is floral and soft with a translucent golden-green hue. Delicate aromas reminiscent of elderflower and chamomile, lead to summer blooms, a touch of spice, subtle juniper, waxy lemon rind and alluring liquorice on the palate.

Bulldog GinR35

The nose is slightly floral with lavender, juniper, and a bit of citrus. Some lime and a bit of sweet orange zest. The palate, despite the bounty of Asian botanicals reads more clearly in the traditional spirit.

Espolon Reposado TequilaR40

Bold, round palate, medium to full bodied with a rich roasted agave; sweet tropical fruit, vanilla and brown spices. Long spicy finish.


Sweet Vermouth / Campari / Gin
A Negroni is an Italian cocktail, made of one part gin, one part vermouth rosso and one part Campari, garnished with orange peel. It is considered an aperitivo.


Sweet Vermouth / Brandy / Orange Liqueur
A simple and delightful brandy cocktail, the Fabiola offers orange and vermouth accents for a flavorful experience. It makes a fabulous aperitif that you can enjoy before any dinner, no matter what's on the menu.


Campari / Vodka / Bitters
The Campari cocktail is one of the best drinks to feature the distinctive Italian aperitif in all its glory. It's an excellent choice to serve before dinner.

Autumn LeavesR60

Tequila / Drambuie / Campari / Lime Juice
The autumn leaves cocktail is an interesting fall drink that is packed with intriguing flavors. It begins with the impressive pisco from Pisco Portón on which the complex tastes of Drambuie and Campari are layered. The result is a drink that is multifaceted, deep, and soothing.

Bed Of Rosso MartiniR40

Martini Rosso / Lemon Juice / Martini Blanco / Bitters
The delectable flavour is derived from a secret mix of Italian herbs and carefully curated Wines. Savoury notes of sage and dittany are wonderfully set against bitter-sweet woodsy notes that meld together to create that signature taste.

Classic Amaretto CruiseR75

Peach Schnapps / Orange Juice / Apple Juice / Amaretto / Cream / Apple Sours
Amaretto cruise is a fruity and flavourful cocktail you’ll ever taste. There are so many flavors added to this drink which makes it one of the best amaretto cocktails.

4th Beach Iced TeaR60

White Rum / Pimms / Vodka / Tequila / Triple Sec / Lime Juice / Blackcurrent Syrup / Rooibos Tea
A unique variant of Long Island Iced Tea, Long Beach Iced Tea is an intoxicating beverage that is sure to get you tipsy. Served in a highball glass, this one-of-a-kind concoction is not for the faint-hearted. Made from a mix of vodka, tequila, triple sec and white rum, our version of this bitter-sweet beverage is topped off with Rooibos Tea.

Gin SlingR50

Gin / Cherry Liqueur / Lemon Juice / Soda Water
A simple and classic cocktail, the Gin Sling is a tart and slightly sweet refreshing drink, ideal for happy hour all year long.

Choc Mint MartiniR55

Vodka / Chocolate Vodka / Peppermint Liqueur / Cream / Milk
The perfect combination of creamy, minty chocolate deliciousness!

Strawberry MojitoR70

Mint / Strawberries / Lime / White Rum / Strawberry Liqueur / Wild Mint / Soda Water
Fizzy, minty, lightly sweetened and packed with strawberries and lime

Strawberry Mojito - Non AlcoholicR55

Mint / Strawberries / Lime / Wild Mint / Soda Water
Fizzy, minty, lightly sweetened and packed with strawberries and lime

Purple Lady DaiquiriR75

Fruit Lagoon Strawberry Mix / Strawberry Liqueur / Peach Schnapps / Blue Curacao
A sweet and aromatic cocktail with a little zip!

Purple Lady Daiquiri - Non AlcoholicR55

A sweet and aromatic cocktail with a little zip!

Mint MojitoR60

Mint / Wild Mint Syrup / White Rum / Lime Juice / Soda Water
The mojito is the epitome of the refreshing cocktail, stripped down to just the bare essentials of rum, lime juice, sugar, soda water, and mint.

Pina ColadaR65

Piña Colada Smoothie Mix / White Rum
A tall mixed drink of rum, cream of coconut, pineapple juice, and ice frappéed in a blender.

Long Island Raspberry Iced TeaR95

Vodka / Coke / White Rum / Gin / Apple Sours / Raspberry Syrup / Tequila
Strong alcoholic beverage, consisting of four to five hard liquors and a splash of Coca-Cola.

Margarita On The RocksR60

Triple Sec / Lime Juice / Tequila
Layers of sweet-tart citrus and slightly boozy, saline vibe with a refreshingly smooth finish.

Black LeprecaunR30

Malibu / Drambuie / Cape Velvet

Sledge HammerR30

Kahlua / Cape Velvet / Stroh Rum

Chocolate CakeR30

Vodka / Frangelico / Lime

French KissR30

Amaretto / Kahlua / Cape Velvet

Liquid CocaineR30

Red Aquare / Blue Caracao / Lime


Aftershock / Amarula


Whiskey / Passion Fruit

Blow JobR25

Kahlua / Amarula


Jack Daniels / Passion Fruit

Strawberry LipsR15

Cactus Jack / Tobasco / Black Pepper / Jagermeister

Tequila GoldR20

Jose Cuervo Gold is a golden-style jove tequila made from a blend of reposado and younger tequilas. It then spends four months in deep-charred American Oak barrels which gives it its distinct colour.

Tequila SilverR20

Taking over the night with a shot-friendly flavour that has stood the test of time. From the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico's Los Altos, this silver tequila has a naturally sweet flavour that is ready to explode at any moment


Jagermeister / Red Square / Red Bull

Botanical GinR33

Made with select potent botanicals to give this gin the maximum flavour in the absence of alcohol. The distilling process does not use any alcohol at any time and this is not a denatured product.

Castle FreeR30

South Africa's first home grown 0.0% alcohol beer and brewed with the same local ingredients as the mother brand, Castle Lager.

Heineken ZeroR30

Contains less than 0,03% alcohol so as such it is a non-alcohol beer. This amount has no impact on the body and is fully fine in view of driving and pregnancy or alc-intolerant medical treatment.

Red Square ReloadR35

A premixed non-alcoholic energising drink with caffeine, ginseng, taurine and vitamins.

Savanna LemonR35

A non-alcoholic cider with an unparalleled flavour that can be enhanced with a lemon slice in the neck.

Amarula On Ice (Double Tot)R25

Amarula is authentically African, made from the uncultivated, sun-ripened, hand harvested organic fruit of the sacred marula tree.

Amaretto On Ice (Double Tot)R45

Amaretto is a popular almond-flavored liqueur that is most often made with apricot kernels, though the flavor can come from almonds.

Aftershock On Ice (Double Tot)R25

This cinnamon flavoured liqueur has proved immensely popular since its introduction.

Kahlua On Ice (Double Tot)R25

Kahlua is a coffee liqueur that's made in Veracruz, Mexico with rum, sugar, vanilla bean, and coffee.

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