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On the light side…

Served daily from 11:00 – 15:00

A classy compilation of two homemade beef patties, caramelised onions, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, gherkins
and barbeque sauce, served with potato chips.

Traditional open Italian flat bread toasted and filled with one of the following fillings, served with a side salad and a side bowl
of tangy pickles:
Carnivore Fillings:
Savoury mince, cheddar cheese and freshly chopped basil R75
Smoked ham, home-made sweet mustard, capers, cheese and fresh tomato slices R65
Bacon, egg, tomato slices and cheddar cheese R75
Cajun infused chicken mayonnaise, pineapple and lettuce R65

Vegetarian Fillings: (v)
Lettuce, mozzarella, sundried tomato, pickled cucumber, capers and caramelized onions R60
Lettuce, cheese and tomato slices accompanied by tangy pickles R55

Cajun grilled chicken breast slithers with crumbled feta cheese, sundried tomato and marinated rocket leaves wrapped
in floured tortillas dressed by a sweet chilli sauce.

Haloumi fingers, chicken strips crusted with Cajun and sesame, shredded peppadews and pineapple slices on a fresh
herb green salad base. A drizzle of curry apricot mayonnaise complete this experience.

A compilation of fresh salad ingredients topped with lightly toasted almonds, capers, and spring onion sprigs. A red
wine reduction takes it to the moon and back.

Fresh salad greens with herbs from our own herb fountain, bell peppers, plump cherry tomatoes, slivers of mozzarella
cheese, pineapple cuts, chopped nuts, crispy bacon and smoky ham cubes. Add a bit of sweet chilli dressing to top it all
off and you have a salad from another galaxy.

Boring, Boring, And Boring? Not this one!! Our traditional Greek salad gives you an addition of flash grilled green
peppers, sundried tomato strips and plump rosa tomatoes, bell peppers, cheddar cheese cubes, Danish feta cheese,
green and black marinated calamata olives, balsamic roasted baby onions and last but not least, a topping of creamy
lightly garlic infused Greek salad dressing.

A portion of hake, grilled with olive oil, fresh herbs and lemon juice till tender and juicy. This healthy alternative is
served on fresh cuts of garden vegetables flash fried in a hot pan with ginger and a hint of garlic.


A la Carte Menu menu options

Choice of Starters (R90.00)

Chicken liver Parfait
Velvet smooth chicken liver parfait infused with rosemary and garlic, topped with raspberry Gelée and served with a mint apple puree, homemade apple jelly, then finished off with a parmesan melba crisp

Salmon Terrine
Norwegian Salmon layered with orange, lemon and herb cream cheese topped with orange rind and fresh lemon wedges

Smoked Trout Salad
Oaky smoked trout fillet served on fresh rocket leaves and arrangements of garden fresh sliced radish, sliced asparagus and tri coloured Roma tomatoes will accompany this dish. We finish this Salad off with thinly sliced spring onions and a creamy lemon chilli dressing

Roquefort Escargots
Escargots covered with a cream Roquefort dressing, crumbed with brown bread crumbs, then fried to golden brown. Served on a rainbow salsa with a balsamic reduction

Garlic Escargots
Golden brown puff pastry casing filled with our white wine, onion and garlic creamed escargots topped with spring onions. A new take on Garlic Snails….

Beef Carpaccio
Thinly sliced beef carpaccio served with red onion, freshly sliced radish, capers and a passion fruit dressing topped with herbs and a cream cheese quenelle

Mushroom Florentine (v)
Garlic infused grilled whole button mushrooms, with cream cheese and shredded peppadews, topped with mozzarella and baked till crisp


Choice of Main Course (R180.00)

Roquefort Chicken Roulade
Chicken Fillet Roulade, Filled with sundried tomato and feta, served with parmesan mash , thinly sliced grilled Brown mushrooms and topped with a soya and blue cheese Roquefort reduction

Thinly sliced Baby marrow, patty pans and brinjal are layered and cooked in a sauce De Province timeously drizzled with a Basil oil and a Balsamic vinegar reduction, served with savoury couscous

Thai Chicken and Prawn curry
Tender chicken breast cooked off in a Green Curry paste infused with fresh garlic and coriander leaf, topped with cream and coconut milk served with basmati rice and a poppadum.

Red Wine Lamb Shank
Slow roasted Moroccan Lamb shank cooked off in a red wine jus, served with peach and muesli risotto and a medley of fresh seasonal vegetables drizzled with a red wine reduction

Rib Eye and Bone Marrow
Perfectly aged rib eye cooked to your preference served with oven roasted bone marrow, accompanied by buttered oven roasted potatoes and an arrangement of seasonal vegetables, topped with a Black pepper reduction

 Line fish served with Couscous
Our line fish of the day prepared Suvee style with garlic and olive oil, served on a tabbouleh salad, and couscous filled with rainbow pepper salsa topped with a creamy citrus reduction

Choice of Dessert (R80.00)

Classic Crème Brulee
An original vanilla crème brulee made to perfection, served with a dollop of Chantilly cream and fresh strawberry

Black Cherries in Cointreau
Two thin crepes soaked in berry & Cointreau sauce topped with black cherries and vanilla ice cream

New Age Tiramisu
Coffee and Brandy liquor soaked Boudoir biscuits topped with a velvet smooth cream cheese tiramisu filling, topped with quality cocoa dust



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