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IMPORTANT NOTICE: We at Casa Toscana, LeSi Restaurant, Sensi Spa and Blou Hond Theatre wish to put your mind at ease with the following message. We have always adhered to the highest hygiene standards. With the current COVID-19 Pandemic we want to inform you that the safety of our patrons and staff is of the highest importance. We have taken extreme measures to ensure the safety of our staff and our customers and we are working in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the World Health organisation. All our staff are being thoroughly trained in all procedures during this time. Extra sanitisers are available in all areas, thermal scanning is in place for all staff members, all staff members will adhere to the wearing of masks and gloves where needed. We are committed to your safety. Together, we can beat this.

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Named after the iconic wine that is synonymous with Tuscany, the Chianti Tent expresses the inherent beauty of this famous Italian area.

By day the Chianti tent offers the freshness and natural beauty of a garden event, but by night transforms into a unique open air night time event experience thanks to carefully staged lighting. Perfect for kitchen teas, bridal showers, cocktail functions and even outdoor weddings, Chianti Tent.


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