Beauty And The Beast  Sml

Beauty & the Beast - Caroline Grace & Fatman

Date: Sept 5, 2018
Cost: Show ticket R150 | Meal ticket R200
{Meal ticket incl. Welcome drink, popcorn, Buffet dinner, Dessert snacks, Coffee & Tea} 

Dinner from 18:30 tot 19:30
Concert only from 19:30 tot 22:30 - R 150
Dinner and concert from 18:30 to 22:30 - R 350

Info about this show:

Tall and willowy Caroline-Grace and Funny-man Fatman relationship during The Voice South Africa Season 2 became stronger as the show progressed that they decided to join forces and do a tour together. As funny as Johan can be he said: He does not know how Caroline would feel, if everyone call her the Beast. Caroline said: She will be ok with it as long as she can be the one to make-up Johan so he can fit the role as “Beauty” then. “Beauty and the Beast” will be a show of laughter but also some serious moments. You can expect a few collabs that you never image these two would perform together, as well as songs you heard them sing during The Voice SA.