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Ch2 600 X 424

CH2 - OLLÉ TO BOLLÉ (A journey from Spain to France)

Date: May 27, 2020 


Cost: Show ticket R180 | Meal ticket R200
{Meal ticket incl. Welcome drink, popcorn, Buffet dinner, Dessert snacks, Coffee & Tea}

Arrival: 18:30 for 19:00
Dinner from 19:00
Show only guest to arrive anytime up to 19:45
Concert only from 20:00 to 22:30 - R 180
Dinner and concert from 18:30 to 22:30 - R 380

Voorprogram deur: TBC

Cheese platters- additional to pre-order

Cheese platter - Option1 – R200 - Variety of mild Cheese, 4 x Toasted Bruschetta slices, Basil pesto, Tomato, onion and Mozzarella salsa, 4 x Bread sticks, Marinated Olive mezze bowls, Sliced Salami, Sundried Tomato cream cheese pate, 2 x grilled chicken fillet, cucumber, greens and sweet chilli sliders, 2 Fruit kebabs in a shot glass with a fruit coulis

Cheese & Snack platter Option 2 – R380 - Variety of mild Cheese, 6 x Toasted Bruschetta, Basil pesto, Tomato, onion and Mozzarella salsa, 4 Bread sticks, Marinated Olive mezze bowls, Variety of 8 slices Cold meat, Salmon cream cheese pate, 4 x grilled beef prego steak sliders, 4 x Beef meatballs and pineapple skewer, 2 Fruit kebabs in a shot glass with a fruit coulis, Chicken Liver Pate with a berry jelly, Tzatziki dip

Cheese & Charcuterie Board Option 3 – R490 - Variety of mild Cheese, Fried Camembert wedges with berry coulis, 6 x Toasted Bruschetta, Basil pesto, Tomato, onion and Mozzarella salsa, 6 Bread sticks, Variety of 10 slices Cold meat, Toasted sweet chilli chicken and feta wraps, Marinated Olive mezze bowls, 4 x Mini Quiches, Gorgonzola, chive and cream cheese pate, 2 x grilled chicken fillet and sweet chilli sliders; Chicken Liver Pate with a berry jelly, Tzatziki dip

Vegetable Crudité, Fruit snack platter – R290.00- Variety of Vegetable Crudités and skewers, 6 Mini Veg Quiches, Fruit skewers, Marinated Olive mezze bowls, Marinated mushrooms, 4 x Vegetable spring rolls, Sundried tomato cream cheese pate, Tzatziki dip, Hummus, Roasted Vegetable and Haloumi toasted wraps.


Menu for this performance: TBC


The MAGIC sounds of CH2 are back at Blouhond Theatre with a brand new production!

CH2 - FROM OLÈ TO BOLLÈ takes you on a musical journey beginning in Spain, the motherland of modern guitar - OLÈ. But as you move north and approach the border of France you realise that the guitar has changed slightly as the music directs you to a small French town, BOLLÈ. 

A fusion of Flamenco with French influence and a touch of Italian. CH2 expertly combines these styles in a mind-blowing performance with extreme virtuosity, that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Of course CH2 will also include hits like Vyfster, Tussen Treine, O Sole Mio and Volare, those romantic and classical showstoppers. 

CH2 - More about CH2 visit their website: 


One of the best duos in the world - Lee Ritenour - The multi award-winning CH2 will blow you away with their unique style and virtuosity on the nylon acoustic guitar. Their latest album Starstruck is undoubtably a shift in boundaries for the classical guitar. Bringing the Pop genre closer to the nylon stringed instrument than ever.