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R120.00 Incl VAT

Choose 1 (served plated)
Berry Greek Yoghurt Parfait
Cinnamon Apple Yoghurt Parfait
Granola & fresh fruit Parfait
Granola, yoghurt, chocolate & banana Parfait
Fresh fruit cocktail with honey & crushed nuts

Selection of the following (served buffet style)

Choose 3
Seasonal Fruit Platter (4 different fruit flavours)
Fruit salad, variety of 2 yoghurt flavours and Muesli
Variety of cold meat and biscuits (3 different flavours of preserved meat)
Variety of Cheese and preserves (Blue, Camembert, Brie, flavoured cream cheese, Cheddar)

Bread table

Choose 2
Cocktail bread rolls
Freshly baked Seed bread
Freshly baked fruit loaf
Variety of Scones and Healthy Muffins
All of the above accompanied by: with butter & home-made preserves

Not included in this menu:
Coffee / Tea / Juice / Sparkling Wine / Lemonade


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