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Client to choose items as to compile own menu
It is suggested that not less than 4 of the below items are selected to
compile a menu - Items chosen will be displayed buffet style

Price is compiled per person

Fruit Compote with yogurt
Stewed fruit topped with Bulgarian Yogurt and Sprinkled with Muesli – R25.00 p.p
Brioche filled with scrambled eggs flavoured with chives – Served Hot - R25.00 p.p
Traditional Spanish Frittata with layers of eggs, veg, peppers and cheese – R25.00 p.p
Cheese platter with Brie, Roquefort, Cheddar, Apricot Flavoured cheese,
Camembert, Cream Cheese, Preserved Figs, Biscuits, Marmalade, Grapes R45.00 p.p
Fruit platter – Seasonal fruit cuts in edible strips and cubes R30.00 p.p
Pastry platter – A platter with a variety of Sweet Pastries and Danishes R30.00 p.p
Baskets with Croissants, Muffins and Freshly baked rolls served with mini butter
and fruit preserves and Grated Cheddar R45.00 p.p
Charcuterie Platters – Sliced Ham, Silverside and Pastrami Rolls served with
homemade mustard, piccalilli and pickled vegetables R45.00 p.p

200ml Glass Juice R9.95
Coffee / Tea Station R9.95