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Grilled Chicken salad with a light apricot and curry mayonnaise dressing
Roasted Thai butternut soup with swirls of cinnamon infused cream
Tropical fruit with lime and lavender marinated Calamari steak strips served on fresh greens
Mediterranean vegetables and polenta terrine set on a swirl of peppadew cream (v)
Biltong Paté on crostini served with Rocket and balsamic marinated cocktail tomatoes


Succulent Lamb
Slow roasted lamb slivers, layered with garlic infused mushrooms, spinach and feta,
served with herbed rice, butter green beans and a rosemary red wine Jus

Fruity Chicken Breast
Mozzarella filled chicken breast served with grilled marinated aubergines and orange infused carrots ribbons accompanied
by thyme infused mashed potato, topped with a spicy strawberry salsa

Ferryman's catch of the day
Herb crusted line fish, topped with a lemon, peppadew and cream cheese dressing, set
on savoury couscous with sautéed mushrooms and spring onion

Hunter's pride
Slow Roasted Pork neck medallions served on grilled Mediterranean vegetables and potato rosti
with a peach and roasted baby apple glaze


Bread & Butter Pudding
Layers of French croissant, apricot preserve and raisins baked in a caramel custard
and finished off with a dollop a Chantilly cream

Mousse a la Chocolate
Orange flavoured dark chocolate mousse cradled in a chocolate wafer cup with seasonal
berries and glazed lavender syrup

Strawberry Meringue nests
Meringue baskets filled with chocolate dipped strawberries laid on a bed of Chantilly cream