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AFRICAN CUISINE - R 280.00 excl. VAT 


Please choose one
Bean and corn soup served with a cocktail bread-roll
Savoury couscous with stir fried chicken and vegetables
Garlic chicken kebabs with a yogurt topping served with a side salad
Herat-warming split pea soup served with a cocktail bread-roll
Maize balls with Voroso (Mielie balls filled with boerwors and deep fried until crispy) served with a Chakalaka sauce


Please choose 4
Inyama Yegusha (Lamb Shank pieces slowly cooked in a rich stock with onions, carrots and tomatoes)
Lamb Knuckle and Kidney Curry PotjieNama Ya Koko (Traditional grilled chicken pieces served with a Chakalaka sauce)
Inyama Yenkukhu (stewed chicken with dumplings)
Sechu sa kholo (chicken stew)
Isidudu (pumlin pap) with curried cabbage and beef liver

Please choose 2
Umngqusho (samp and beans)
Ujeqelwe mpama (steamed dumplings)
Maize with mixed vegetables (Umfino)
Savoury Phutu
Mielie Rice

Please choose 2
African spinach with roasted peanuts
Ntomo Krakro (sweet potato fritters)
Dried marogo with onion and tomatoes
Fried cabbage
Aubergine stew
Lephutshi (sweet butternut)

The next 2 salads will be served with the buffet
Green salad with pineapple, cucumber, green pepper, tomatoes and onions
Balsamic beetroot salad


Please choose 1
A marble of white and dark chocolate mousse in layers
Malva pudding served with custard
Fresh fruit kebabs topped with granadilla pulp and ice cream