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Roasted Ratatouille
A Mélange of fresh roasted vegetables on toasted brochette, accompanied by a trio
of cheeses and topped with a spicy tomato relish drizzled with a red wine reduction

Trout Parcels
Smoked trout fillet, marinated in lemon, coriander and black pepper, baked in phyllo
pastry served on a bed of crisp garden leaves drilled with a basil pesto

Salmon Roulade
Smoked salmon mousse gently set with cucumber ribbons, tomato shells and lemon zest,
drizzled with a mild Wasabi dressing

Chicken Consommé
Mild spicy chicken broth with angel hair pasta and crispy garden vegetables

Trout Gateau
Smoked trout and mascarpone gateau with an orange coulis

Tuna Terrine
Baby potato, tuna terrine and rocket salad with basil pesto


Succulent Beef Fillet
Beef fillet flattened and stuffed with a mushroom, olive and mustard tapenade, rolled and grilled to perfection,
then cut into medallions and placed on a bed of red wine and rosemary jus. Served with savoury phyllo
couscous and seasonal vegetables

Chicken Medallions
Chicken breast fillet schnitzel, rolled and stuffed with a sautéed mushrooms, sun dried tomato and pineapple tapenade,
then cut into medallions and placed on a mild chili and lemon cream sauce. Served with a Citrus
sweet potato bake and seasonal vegetables

Rolled Pork Fillet
Tender pork fillet rolled and crumbed, filled with an apple and peach compote, with a hint of cinnamon, served
on a pool of cranberry jus. Served with creamed potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Red Wine Roasted Lamb (Not available at Pre-Wedding menu tasting for less than 12 guests)
Roasted leg of lamb with a herb and red wine marinade, layered with rosemary infused crumpets.
This dish is served with a parmesan cheese stick, red wine gravy, roast potatoes and vegetables of the day

Phyllo Line fish Parcels
Fillet of Line fish wrapped in phyllo parcels with spring onion and sun-dried tomato and olive pesto.
Topped with a light lemon butter cream and served with a fresh tomato and onion salsa on the side


Pear, Ginger and Toffee Crumble served with vanilla ice cream
White and dark chocolate mousse layers
Strawberry cheese cake topped with a berry coulis
Fruit flan tartlets with crème patisserie
Fruit pavlova with cré a la crème
Vanilla Malva Pudding served with a Caramel sauce